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We know we need change, and we acknowledge that it must start from within. Within our hearts; within our communities. Sol Chaser is committed to standing with the Black community, and we have recently discovered some amazing organizations led by Black women that are doing their part to create change. Take a look at the three causes we are highlighting this month, and learn about the inspiring ways they're lifting up women of color and underprivileged communities! 15% of sales this month will be donated to these organizations.


Girls For A Change offers programs that invite young girls to create change by engaging in social change projects. During this process, they learn problem-solving skills, as well as what it means to change policy and create movements. Founded in 2000 in Chesterfield, VA, GFAC aims to "end the prejudice, poverty and lack of resources that leave Black girls and young women vulnerable at the margins of society." Their programs are designed to offer constant support, while helping to break cycles and close the opportunity gaps faced by too many disadvantaged and underrepresented girls. Girls are taught leadership skills, sisterhood building, goal-planning, and socio-emotional learning, to name a few. Addressed are important issues such as institutional racism, sexism, the digital divide, and the glass ceiling. GFAC equips girls and young women with the tools to confidently conquer the issues they face in their own neighborhoods. 

While Girls For A Change has focused more deeply on Black girls and girls of color since 2013, when they realized that their needs were among the most unmet, GFAC wants to "give every girl who aspires to get ahead a chance to be seen, heard and celebrated."



Founded by Shelly Bell in 2016, Black Girl Ventures addresses the unique challenges Black and Brown women face in accessing social and financial capital to grow their businesses. Her foundation is dedicated to coming up with creative ways to dissolve these race and gender gaps, empowering Black female entrepreneurs and helping women of color reach economic independence. So far, hey have funded 41 women across 8 U.S. cities, and are adding more cities each year. Shelly states that Black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the United States, yet they receive less than 1% of venture capital. BGV "believes in a world where all ideas have a chance to succeed."



Springboard To Opportunities, based in Jackson, MS, was formed "with the understanding that affordable housing alone is not enough to create thriving communities where all residents can succeed." They work with residents, real estate developers, property management companies, neighborhood leaders and community stakeholders to help families living in affordable housing reach their goals. A first organization of it's kind, they've created a new model to cultivate hope and start to break the cycle of generational poverty, shifting residents' focus away from daily obstacles and toward future aspirations. They ask residents about their hopes and ambitions beyond their current situations, and learn about the challenges and struggles that stand in the way of their success. Springboard To Opportunities establishes strategic partnerships with other organizations that can help families and individuals create a detailed road map to realize their dreams, thereby positioning residents to be their best selves in work, school and life.

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